Proven Management Techniques for Your "Other Family"

Have you ever felt like your employees were your kids; your boss, manager, or supervisor behaved like a parent; or that your
co-workers sometimes acted like children or siblings?

Well, you were right! Dr. Ivan Lansberg, a Yale University research fellow, said that:

"Organizations are often likened to machines or living organisms, but "family" is an overlooked and far more use full metaphor."

Parenting the Office is written by Doris and Phil Davidoff and their two sons, Donald and Doug.

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Doris & Phil Davidoff , along with their sons, Donald and Douglas, have written an excellent book, "Parenting the Office," which provides a modern, realistic and meaningful look at personnel management. This book is not oriented to any specific size of office or segment of business--it is appropriate for anyone who is either currently managing other people or who aspires to do so in the future, from the owner of a small business to a manager of a department within a Fortune 500 company. Click Here for more information about the Davidoffs.

Excerpts from Reviews

Booklist Magazine (published by the American Library Association)

"A running commentary from all four Davidoff family members helps crystallize examples--and keeps us all from taking ourselves too seriously. Good and useful common sense." Barbara Jacobs

The Midwest Book Review

"5 Star Review (on Many of the issues raised in the workplace are also common to family life, from the desire of the youngest to rival the oldest child to bullying and rivalry. Parenting The Office equates these lessons learned from children to business and family life alike, using case histories to discuss applications and clarify problems."

Travel Agent Digest

"...for those of you who haven't bought their [Davidoffs'] latest book, "Parenting the Office" is a must read."
- Susan Sammons, Dothan AL

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