Davidoff Associates, Inc., specializes in seminars, consulting, writing, editing, and research for small or home-based businesses, with specialization in the travel industry. We have more than 40 years of experience and recognize that business is being conducted differently in the 21st century. Our seminars, consulting, writing and research are focused on assisting business owners and managers in understanding the practical aspects of the changes necessary to survive and thrive in the current business environment.


Specialists in adult training and education, both as presenters and developers of seminars (live, teleconference and webinars), web content, and other media.

Experienced writers of textbooks, trade books, articles and manuals, primarily in the business management genre, with a specialty in the travel industry.

Experienced copy editors who go beyond basic proofreading for spelling and grammar mistakes to assist authors in asssuring accuracy and consistency in the books and articles that we edit.


Web www.davidoffassociates.com


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