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Cruise or Tour Groups

GroupTrac™ will let you store individual passenger reservation information for cruise or tour groups, track their individual payments, and provide the letters and reports that you need within your agency and to send to suppliers. GroupTrac will also store prospect information for future follow-up.

Below are Some of the letters & reports included with GroupTrac™


Confirmation letters
Additional deposit due letter
Final payment due letter
Mailing labels
Email address lists

Click here to download a Sample Kit with examples of input screens, reports and letters.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.
Click here to download it free.


Rooming lists
By cabin or room category
By cabin or room number

Special VIP or gift lists

Table assignments
By table number

Special reports (transfers, pre- or post-trip requests, sightseeing, etc.)

Payments made
Summary amounts paid & balance due by name
Itemized payments from each passenger
(including form of payment)

All data is exportable in standard formats.
For further information about GroupTrac™,
email grouptrac@davidoffassociates.com and request it.

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