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Spice Up Your Cruise Night!
with this
Horse Race Kit

Are you planning a Cruise Night or other leisure travel presentation? Run a horse race or two just like they do on cruise ships. Audience participation builds spirit and interest in cruising or can just be fun for other types of travel events.

Your kit includes six horses, cloth "race track," dice and full instructions for operating this fun event.

Price is $49.95 (includes FREE shipping)
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Recommended Books

We recommend reading the following industry-related and management and marketing books to increase and/or reinforce your knowledge and skill levels. We firmly believe that industry knowledge combined with focused management and marketing skills will help you increase your profits, manage your staff (and yourself) more effectively, and provide the highest levels of customer service.

Doris and Phil Davidoff, CTCs, CTIEs, MCCs

Recommended Books on the Cruise Industry

“Devils on the Deep Blue Sea,” by Kristoffer Garin features the results of personal interviews with many top executives and observers of the cruise industry, including lively discussion of the interplay among executives during the battle between Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean International over Princess Cruises. The author also reviews the labor issues within the industry and the degree to which cruise lines take advantage of workers from third world nations.


"The Cruise Ship Phenomenon in North America," by Brian Cudahy is a factual history of the cruise industry with a lot of statistics on ships and cruise lines. If you are a ship buff who misses the late Garth Peterson’s “Profiles of Ships,” you will probably appreciate this book. Cudahy also has chapters describing the development of individual cruise lines.

Recommended Business Books


"The World Is Flat," by Thomas Friedman. A discussion of the changes in our world (and our country) that affect all businesses and all people. A must reading for anyone in business. Sellers of travel especially need to understand the effects that the "flat world" have on our industry in order to better understand how to convince clients that travel agents are still the best place to go for travel planning.


"E-Myth Revisited," by Michael Gerber. The skills and knowledge needed to manage a business are distinctly different from those required to perform the core functions of the business. Michael Gerber provides clear, graphic examples of the problems faced (and created) by a great baker who decides to open a pie shop. Change “pie shop” to “travel agency” for a direct parallel in our industry. Every entrepreneur should read this book.
  "Who Moved My Cheese," by Spencer Johnson. The only thing we can be sure of concerning change is that change is constantly happening. Travel industry “cheese” (profit centers) has changed considerably over recent years. Spencer Johnson’s parable teaches us not to take our business for granted and to always be on the lookout for changes on the horizon.
  "7 Habits of Highly Effective People," by Stephen Covey presents an integrated, principle-centered approach to solving personal and professional problems. He shows how fairness, integrity, honesty and human dignity can take us to the highest levels of success. Executive of businesses of all sizes have made “Seven Habits” their personal leadership handbook.
  "One-Minute Manager," by Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson. While somewhat over-simplified, the “One Minute Manager” shows how to maximize employee productivity and maintain high morale in your organization. Blanchard’s book is a quick read and a must for any manager with a staff of at least one.
  "Now Discover Your Strengths," by Marcus Buckingham. Do you know what your strengths and unique abilities really are? Maybe you only think you do. Based on extensive research, the Gallup organization has developed descriptions of key areas or interests and abilities. Purchase of this book includes a key to complete a comprehensive questionnaire online and receive a customized analysis of your key strengths.
  "The One Thing You Need to Know," by Marcus Buckingham uses examples from his extensive management consulting experiences with the Gallup organization to discuss management and leadership traits and help the reader focus on “The One Thing You Need to Know.”
  "The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management,"by Hyrum Smith has developed the Franklin System that goes beyond traditional time management. His five-step formula, based on the natural laws he describes, will help you control your life and increase your personal productivity.
  "The One-Minute Manager Meets the Monkey," by Ken Blanchard. How many monkeys do you have on your back, placed there by employees, friends and family? And, to what extent are these monkeys sapping your strength and limiting your ability to complete your own work? Kenneth Blanchard’s follow up to the "One Minute Manage" will help you identify these monkeys and keep them where they belong – with the person who should be responsible for them.